2011 19 Mar

D&D – Dark Sun: First Game

Author: Matt Categories: Dark Sun

When :

17 March 2011


Euan’s house


Matt (DM), Drew (Lactose the Intolerant), Thom (Phye) and Euan (Jin)


I won’t go too much into the story here as Euan will be publishing a narrative account of the evening’s play.  Let’s just say there was flipping and dying.

A few points before starting.  Most of us haven’t role played seriously in quite a few years.  For a couple of us (me included) it was back in junior high school, ie 20 years ago, so we are kind of finding our way.  One thing we do need to try and do more of actual role playing, rather than meta gaming which is easy to fall into after playing a lot of Euro board games recently.  Having Euan and Thom in the group is going be a great help as they have RP’ed more than the rest of us, and when a couple of people get into it, it makes it easier for the rest of the group to pick up on the cues and go along with it.

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