2011 11 Aug

Gaming Session – Rapture Pt 1

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Ben (DM), Drew, Shane, Thom, Matt


Ben’s place


Despite repeated requests to have a quick look at the overview and the rules, I turned up not having done a sausage.  Nobody tells *me* how to prepare for games night!  I preferred to pass this off as a chance to give the good folks at home a chance to get up to speed as Ben graciously gave an overview.

A bit of time was spent prepping characters and their goals/redemption stories.  Things kicked of with us being sent out to check a ship, with each of us having different secret missions . . . oooohhhhh scary.  The party was fairly diverse with an Astro Plumber (Thom), a God Botherer (Shane), a Cyber Hacker (Drew) and an Ex-Military Gumshoe (Matt).  We also had a few Marines tagging along to help us out of the tight spots.

One thing I liked is the ability for most things to happen in a freeform way.  There aren’t necessarily restrictions.  If it’s plausible, it’s accepted.  I also liked the idea of secret missions which I assume will not always align between players.  It builds a healthy amount of distrust, especially as we are a disparate group, not the usual group of adventurers working together.

The adventure started badly with what appeared to be derelict ship and got worse when we found a decapitated body and giant score marks in a storage room.  A quick check of the body revealed it was indeed dead.  What was worse is that the head appeared to have been sliced off, never a good sign.

More to come when I listen through the audio and remember the exact order of events.  Things got a little hazy after the fourth stiff drink . . .



Click below to listen in your browser or right click the “download” link to save to your computer.  WARNING: the session goes for over 3hrs and is a 100meg download

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