2011 07 Jul

Gaming Session – Arabian Nights

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Thom brought over his copy of Arabian Nights for this weeks gaming session and it was quite a laugh.  I can’t say there is much strategy or tactics at play, but it was still bloody funny.

After giving us a brief rundown and choosing my character (beautiful but deadly Lady with magic and seduction skills – read into that what you will) and a quest it was off we go!  Basically you can move by land or sea a certain amount depending on wealth level.  The idea is to try and complete your quest by achieving a combination of Story and Destiny Points.  You choose these at the beginning of the game up to a total of 20pts (eg 10 story/10 destiny, 4 story/16 destiny etc).

Once you achieve your quest then you have to get back to the starting city (whatever it was, I can’t remember!).

When you move around the board, you arrive at locations and have Encounters.  Here you draw an encounter card which has a basic scenario and a number.  One player looks up that number which provides more details as to what actions you can take.  You choose an action which results in another number.  Another player then reads out the results of your actions.  So, no real strategy and sometimes the more obvious actions can backfire . . . let’s just say that my seduction skill wasn’t much use after I become Scorned and Crippled.  Add in a trip to Sex Change Spring and things were looking grim!

It all started to make a bit more sense at the end and even though Thom won (possibly because he knew what to do), it was very entertaining.  What really made the game is the embellishments and added flavour/jokes that everyone around the table contributes.

I am not too sure how often I would want to play it, but it is light, easy to play and you laugh a lot.  That’s a pretty good review in my books!

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  1. Ben Says:

    I almost laughed myself off the chair playing this. Add alcohol and school boy jokes and it’s a frickin riot.

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