2010 24 Nov

Just one more turn…

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Just one more turn. Everyone that has played a Civilization computer game knows it well.

You’re sitting there at 10pm, promising yourself that this will indeed be your last turn. You move a few units here, upgrade a few cities there and before you know it, it is now 3 in the morning and you have to go to work in 5 hours.

And now you can experience having a a shitty, tired day at work thanks to the new Civilization boardgame!

The game was released this week and initial interweb impressions show that it is incredibly faithful to the computer game version. Being a huge fan of the original series, i’m really looking forward to checking this one out, mainly due to the face to face social aspect of sitting around a table and shooting the shit as opposed to staring at the cold, dead glaze of an LCD screen.

I’m not sure if i’ll be buying it any time soon, but that shouldn’t stop anyone else from bringing it to the table *nudge nudge* 😉

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