2010 12 Nov

Wargames for dummies

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I never thought i’d be interested in wargames. They just look so, HEAVY. Stacks of little abstract tokens with their corners cut off, shuffling across a gigantic hex map. Referring to a 200 page manual every 2 minutes as you work out which velocity round can penetrate which kind of armour from whatever angle and trajectory it was fired from. It’s the kind of thing my grandpa would have played, cared about and just…..known, because he was probably actually there.

I’m just a dude that wants to make tank go boom.

So after digging around on the boardgamegeek forums, I kept seeing a game titled “Memoir 44” which was showing up on multiple gateway game lists. A wargame with it’s complexity completely stripped out and just the core mechanics remaining. It sounded like something I could handle.

And it had little moulded tanks. Hells fucking yeah!

So my copy of Memoir 44 arrived yesterday and I went around to my sisters place to have a game with my bro in law. Man, that is one fun little wargame. Heroscape-esque rules (attack distances and how many dice are rolled determined by hexes. Different terrain hexes determine unit strengths/weaknesses) with a light card drawing theme on the side. You draw from a deck of cards (usually 6 cards per player, but it can change depending on the scenario) which dictate in what part of the battlefield you can issue orders, and how many units you can move at a time.
Combat boils down to counting the hex distances, take into account the terrain the units are on which may/may not modify the number of dice being rolled, and then roll to see what happens. You win the game by killing units, completing objectives and claiming victory medals.

And that is basically it. We didn’t play for long (time constraints) but from what I experienced the game is a lot of fun. There are something like 20 expansions for this thing as well, ranging from completely different parts of the war, different armies, aeroplanes, gigantic campaigns that all link together and maps that do nothing else except change the appearance of the terrain to make it more “authentic”.

Consider my wargame cherry officially popped!

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