2011 11 Aug

Gaming Session – Rapture Pt 1

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Ben (DM), Drew, Shane, Thom, Matt


Ben’s place


Despite repeated requests to have a quick look at the overview and the rules, I turned up not having done a sausage.  Nobody tells *me* how to prepare for games night!  I preferred to pass this off as a chance to give the good folks at home a chance to get up to speed as Ben graciously gave an overview.

A bit of time was spent prepping characters and their goals/redemption stories.  Things kicked of with us being sent out to check a ship, with each of us having different secret missions . . . oooohhhhh scary.  The party was fairly diverse with an Astro Plumber (Thom), a God Botherer (Shane), a Cyber Hacker (Drew) and an Ex-Military Gumshoe (Matt).  We also had a few Marines tagging along to help us out of the tight spots.

One thing I liked is the ability for most things to happen in a freeform way.  There aren’t necessarily restrictions.  If it’s plausible, it’s accepted.  I also liked the idea of secret missions which I assume will not always align between players.  It builds a healthy amount of distrust, especially as we are a disparate group, not the usual group of adventurers working together.

The adventure started badly with what appeared to be derelict ship and got worse when we found a decapitated body and giant score marks in a storage room.  A quick check of the body revealed it was indeed dead.  What was worse is that the head appeared to have been sliced off, never a good sign.

More to come when I listen through the audio and remember the exact order of events.  Things got a little hazy after the fourth stiff drink . . .



Click below to listen in your browser or right click the “download” link to save to your computer.  WARNING: the session goes for over 3hrs and is a 100meg download


Ben, Thom, Drew, David & Matt


Matt’s place



An interesting night as most of us haven’t played Catan for a while and David had never played before.  Actually, as far as I know David hasn’t played any Euro style games so Catan was chosen as the obvious introduction.

We decided to play the first few rounds with open hands to let David get a feel for how the whole system operated as it is all a bit much when you are starting.  The board layout was a bit of a tough one with resources clumping up both in terms of location and numbers with sheep and wheat falling together and with some absolute crap numbers.

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2011 07 Jul

Gaming Session – Arabian Nights

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Thom brought over his copy of Arabian Nights for this weeks gaming session and it was quite a laugh.  I can’t say there is much strategy or tactics at play, but it was still bloody funny.

After giving us a brief rundown and choosing my character (beautiful but deadly Lady with magic and seduction skills – read into that what you will) and a quest it was off we go!  Basically you can move by land or sea a certain amount depending on wealth level.  The idea is to try and complete your quest by achieving a combination of Story and Destiny Points.  You choose these at the beginning of the game up to a total of 20pts (eg 10 story/10 destiny, 4 story/16 destiny etc).

Once you achieve your quest then you have to get back to the starting city (whatever it was, I can’t remember!).

When you move around the board, you arrive at locations and have Encounters.  Here you draw an encounter card which has a basic scenario and a number.  One player looks up that number which provides more details as to what actions you can take.  You choose an action which results in another number.  Another player then reads out the results of your actions.  So, no real strategy and sometimes the more obvious actions can backfire . . . let’s just say that my seduction skill wasn’t much use after I become Scorned and Crippled.  Add in a trip to Sex Change Spring and things were looking grim!

It all started to make a bit more sense at the end and even though Thom won (possibly because he knew what to do), it was very entertaining.  What really made the game is the embellishments and added flavour/jokes that everyone around the table contributes.

I am not too sure how often I would want to play it, but it is light, easy to play and you laugh a lot.  That’s a pretty good review in my books!

Alrighty!  Scenery!  You either like or don’t.  Or you are ambivalent.  When it comes to D&D or roleplaying, scenery and miniatures seem to divide opinions.  The fact is, without even a grid, you aren’t going to be doing much in D&D 4E.  Luckily for me, the guys I play with like miniatures, and I like making models and scenery.  It was always my favourite part of Warhammer, a hobby I took up but never actually played.  I just liked making the cools stuff 🙂

I threw some 3D terrain down in our first game and it was a hit.  In the second encounter I had some tall rock spires which were really just for flavour and and to move fights in certain directions, but Jin (Euan) decided to use his mega acrobatics skills to start climbing them and flipping around the battlefield!  Nice.  I didn’t really design the spires to have people on top of them, but that is now a consideration for future.

So here is the basic breakdown.  You will need:

  • High density styrofoam
  • Thin MDF base (optional, but provides structural stability/weight)
  • PVA glue
  • Hot wire cutter
  • Saw (power or hand)
  • Plaster
  • Primer or flat black spray paint
  • Acrylic paint in the colours you need.  Eg, I had a rust coloured red, yellow, black and white

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2011 19 Mar

D&D – Dark Sun: First Game

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When :

17 March 2011


Euan’s house


Matt (DM), Drew (Lactose the Intolerant), Thom (Phye) and Euan (Jin)


I won’t go too much into the story here as Euan will be publishing a narrative account of the evening’s play.  Let’s just say there was flipping and dying.

A few points before starting.  Most of us haven’t role played seriously in quite a few years.  For a couple of us (me included) it was back in junior high school, ie 20 years ago, so we are kind of finding our way.  One thing we do need to try and do more of actual role playing, rather than meta gaming which is easy to fall into after playing a lot of Euro board games recently.  Having Euan and Thom in the group is going be a great help as they have RP’ed more than the rest of us, and when a couple of people get into it, it makes it easier for the rest of the group to pick up on the cues and go along with it.

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2011 13 Jan

PC Game – Crysis

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2011 03 Jan

PC Game – Civilization

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2010 30 Dec

Gaming Session – Agricola

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Ben and Matt


Ben’s place


This was Ben’f first time playing Agricola and my first time running it.  It had been a few months since I last played and every time we had previously played, Drew had set up!

I got it sorted eventually and I think I did a reasonable job of setting up and explaining the process.  Agricola is *definitely* a game that needs explaining from someone who has already played as there is just so much to do and look at that it is overwhelming at first.

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2010 24 Nov

Just one more turn…

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Just one more turn. Everyone that has played a Civilization computer game knows it well.

You’re sitting there at 10pm, promising yourself that this will indeed be your last turn. You move a few units here, upgrade a few cities there and before you know it, it is now 3 in the morning and you have to go to work in 5 hours.

And now you can experience having a a shitty, tired day at work thanks to the new Civilization boardgame!

The game was released this week and initial interweb impressions show that it is incredibly faithful to the computer game version. Being a huge fan of the original series, i’m really looking forward to checking this one out, mainly due to the face to face social aspect of sitting around a table and shooting the shit as opposed to staring at the cold, dead glaze of an LCD screen.

I’m not sure if i’ll be buying it any time soon, but that shouldn’t stop anyone else from bringing it to the table *nudge nudge* 😉

Alrighty.  So last game session I set up some basic recording gear to test out audio recording of sessions.  The results are as follows.

Things to keep in mind or look into in the future:

1. Video recording at the same time, possibly using the Macbook Pr’s inbuilt camera.  Might be too much to audio record and video record separately.  The audio recording is a dedicated audio recording with a quality mic through an external interface.

2. Photographs taken at certain intervals in the game and tagged so you know what is happening.

3. Making a conscious effort to describe what you are doing/what is going on.

Game 1 – Dominion

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.